Kitchen Remodeling for Minneapolis and St. Paul

Do you love your kitchen? If you don’t, our home remodeling team can change that. And it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either. You may be amazed at what new countertops or new flooring can do for the look of your kitchen.

If you’ve been eying those beautiful pictures of kitchen remodeling projects, wishing your kitchen could look that good, we can turn your kitchen visions into reality. And if your kitchen needs some functional help, talk to us about creating more storage in your existing kitchen. Kitchen remodeling is at the top of the list for many homeowners, and if it’s on your to-do list, why not give us a call today to talk about what our team can do for you? Our economical kitchen remodeling services include:

Kitchen Remodeling
  • Countertop installation
  • Window and door replacement
  • Tile and flooring
  • Cabinet installation
  • Faucet replacement
  • Trim installation and refinishing
  • Painting

The kitchen of your dreams isn’t out of reach. Budget-conscious? Don’t worry – we offer exceptional quality work at economical prices. With Matt’s remodeling services, you can have a kitchen you’ll be happy to work in and proud to show off. Whether your kitchen is in need of a little updating to give it a fresh look or it’s time for a total makeover with a complete kitchen remodel, we’ve got lots of options for you.

“Matt has done a great job on many projects for my home. He is trustworthy, responsive and conscientious. He has installed outdoor lighting, gutters and replacement siding. He has done dirt removal, replaced my water heater and fixed my leaky, bird nest infested roof! I have plans to eventually have him help me refurbish my backyard fence, redo my roof and drywall my basement. Thanks Matt!”

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