Bathroom Remodeling and Renovations

At the top of the remodeling list for many homeowners in the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro is remodeling the bathroom. A great looking, functional bathroom is important both for your home’s value and your own comfort and enjoyment.
After all, it’s where you get your day started and where you wind down at the end of it. And did you know that on average Americans spend more time in the bathroom than they do on vacation? So you want this room to be the best it can.

Remodeling Services – from a Facelift to a Full Bathroom Makeover

Whether your bathroom just needs a little updating, or it’s time for a total renovation, Matt and team offers a variety of services that can give you the bathroom of your dreams:

1. Tile repair and replacement (floor and wall)

2. Installation of new fixtures and hardware, including faucets

3. Cabinetry and shelving

4. Interior door replacement

5. Window, door, and baseboard trim installation

6. Painting

7. Flooring

And if your bathroom is in need of repair work, we also offers tub re-caulking and drywall repair, among other services. And when the bathroom work is done, we can also re-hang your pictures and blinds, leaving you with a beautiful new bathroom that’s ready to use.


Current Trends in Bathroom Remodeling

Trending in bathroom remodeling are updates that make a bathroom look more attractive, make it more luxurious, and add to convenience. Here are just some of the top bathroom renovating trends that can be incorporate in your remodel:

Porcelain tile:
Porcelain is quickly overtaking ceramic tile in bathrooms – it’s more durable, water resistant, and provides texture and color depth that ceramic can’t match

Gray colors:
Gray is the leading design color currently – you can choose from wall and trim paint, tile, and cabinetry

Wall-mounted vanity:
Hanging a vanity on the wall rather than having it flush on the floor gives a more modern look without sacrificing much in the way of storage

Sensor-operated faucets:
These exciting new products provide energy and water-saving features plus convenience

This year why not let Matt help you turn your old bathroom into the bathroom you’re dreaming of? For a free estimate, call 651-325-6229‎.

If your like me, you do not know who the heck to trust these days- even if someone has referred the guy. Well I want to say that Matt was not just on time and on budget, but he is one of the nicest most helpful people when it comes to figuring out what my priorities should be. I only had so much money to get like a thousand projects done and mat really helped me to get clear about what would be best and most useful for me. I really think he could have told me things that were to his benefit, but he clearly did not do that. I like that cause I am going to have him back again and again.

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